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I'm bricklander. My name comes from me fucking up while signing up to a game called Brick Hill. Long story short, ROBLOX clone i found in 2018. Its basically next to dead now due to.. reasons. Anyways I was gonna sign up with the name "brickhillian" but somehow put "lander" instead and well now we're here. Doesn't matter as this is way better anyways so I basically dont gaf. I would say I like games but due to me living in basically hell I'm poor and I only really have a PS2 and a X360 and a shitty laptop so I can't really play much. I pretty much only play old games and emulate up to the PS1 and the latest game i played is gta v on the 360 (good game by the way) and I was playing gta 4 as well but my tv killed itself for no reason even though i treated it like gold so i can't play anything now. I try to be a musician. It's going alright I guess, I still don't know jack about music theory and I just make remixes and high quality rips on my channel dekyawave; it has a gimmick where I redraw all the thumbnails by myself because I thought it would be funny. Sometimes making the thumbnails themselves takes way more time than making the damn rip itself. I work on it all by myself as that's how I manage nearly all my projects except for the times where I'm either forced to/just wanna work with more people due to lack of skill in something or when I'm just too lazy to do it myself. Anyways, you're also able to submit rips via the Discord server just don't be stupid and like don't submit terrible shit as this does actually have quality control and doesn't accept everything. Back to the previous art point I also draw as well, requests are free jst tell me what you want as long as it isn't porn or something super complex it'll be fine cause I'm not that cracked at drawing yet yk. I'm a fan of old outdated stuff if it wasn't already obvious by the not stolen webdesign this place has. I like the whole aesthetic of old ROBLOX especially even though I wasn't there like at all back then i just like how it looks lol. I like old vidya music; sample-based (i.e. snes) and FM (especially NEC PC-9821). Chiptune is fine I guess but I just don't listen to much of it anymore. Humongous fan of tracker music, my whole personality for roughly 4 years was based solely on a song by artist Jogeir Liljedahl called Addiction (also known as addicti.mod) that was used in the Wii Homebrew app Homebrew Browser i don't know why that happened or why it lasted as long as it did because at first when i found the song i was like "yeah this is fine" but then one day i listened to it again and hell broke loose i guess. I don't even have a Wii and have never held one in my hands i don't really get it either. i made a "fusion" style video of the tune which you can find on my youtube or just by clicking the "2hbb" hyper-link on the top bar. Currently obsessed with a little game for the PC-98 called FlixMix because of its music, its a puzzle game (that's either a massive turn off or not depends on the person I guess) where the puzzles move and are basically gifs. The music is pretty great, arrangements of tunes from the original MS-DOS version and original compositions by composer Takeshi Abo. Pretty cool game. There's also this little ringtone called "A Nameless Girl" from the LG PM325 phone that I also really like, check out the Nameless Event thing I did on dekyawave a while ago. I'm also part of the teams of both VGMRevolution and LockedStep. I worked on VGMR's No More Nuzzles Fusion Collab by making parts, logoswaps, visual assets and by helping manage the thing, it's how I got on team by not submitting a single rip and never having heard of the channel ever before that point. Fun stuff. Don't have much else to say for now; this page may be updated in the future to add more schizophrenic ramblings or whatever here. Feel free to add me on any of the socials linked below, pretty sure my discord has friend requests open although I close them at random. If you wanna add me and they're closed let me know on the guestbook as I read every new entry there. Keep in mind one thing though: I'm not very talkative at first... If I get to know you more I will most likely speak more though. That's all you need to know.


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