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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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New Website Redesign
Entire site redesigned so it doesn't completely look like garbage made in 3 minutes.
Website Update Feb 07, 2022
Self explainatory. The page you are looking at right now.
Website Update Feb 13, 2022
More songs added
More tunes added. Click the title text to go to the music section.
Website Update Feb 13, 2022
More songs added
More tunes added. Click the title text to go to the music section.
Website Update Mar 21, 2022
Yeah you could probably tell I just discovered how to Javascript. Ads are picked by me.
Website Update May 27, 2022
Music page overhaul
Remade the entire music page since the old one looked like hot garbage.
Website Update August 1, 2022
New page: Downloads & Art
After 4 years of development, I have now started making the page that's supposed to have the drawings I make. Why did it take this long? I dunno I was just lazy.
Website Update August 1, 2022
New page: Albums (Music)
Page that includes all the albums i have released.
Website Update November 4, 2022
New page: Page 2 (Music)
ts just a second page with more music nothing much else
Website Update July 20, 2023
Music update
About, 404 and Art&download have been given bgm embeds
Website Update September 28, 2023
About page complete overhaul (again)
yes, Now its supposed to look how i wanted it to look from the start but i couldnt do it earlier because the source code wasn't cooperating at all but i got it to work now so yeah check it out
Website Update March 17, 2024
Slight update to the changelog
did some slight visual tweaks to this page.
Website Update March 18, 2024
Website Archives
July 2019
The earliest archive available... because it's from the very first day of the site existing.
February 2020
Archive from February 2020.
May 2020
Archive from May 2020.
November 2020
Archive from November 2020.
January 2021
Archive from January 2021.
September 2021
Archive from September 2021.
October 2021: moved to Neocities
The very first time the site was moved over to neocities so i wouldn't have to deal with the shit fest that was 000webhost.
April 2022
Archive from April 2022. First archive to include the new design.
May 2022
Archive from May 2022.
November 2022
Archive from November 2022. Massive jump in months as there wasn't really anything interesting before this point.
December 2022
Archive from December 2022.
January 2023
Archive from January 2023.
October 2023
Archive from October 2023.
December 2023
Archive from December 2023.
January 2024
Archive from January 2024.
March 2024
Archive from March 2024.


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