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dekyawave fusion records (dwfr)


this is one of the images made for dekyawave fusion records (dwfr). yeah it's basically scuffed kirbtunes/siivagunner fusion records.

small disclaimer, most of the images on here won't have any descriptions at all. only some i think are important enough to have one.

8 Bit Beast's Haunted House (Unused)


All thumbnails that haven't been used as of 01:37 p.m. 31/01/2024 will have (Unused) in their titles. This will change if a rip of said game or thing is uploaded.

Agony (Commodore Amiga)

Dweller's Empty Path (unused)

FlixMix (PC-98)

Five Night's at Freddy's (Unused)

Garota de Venda Medicamento - Shibayan Records

Map - Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak! (GBA)

Space - her tears were my light

Homebrew Browser (Wii)


Hi hii haii hiiiiihiiiihiiiiii

Item Haver (Unused)


Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES)

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Kitsune Squared - Squaredance

LEDSTORM (Commodore 64/Amiga)

A Nameless Girl - LG PM325 | LG Mobile

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB) (technically unused)


This is technically unused because despite there being 2 rips of "Raft Ride", those don't use this thumbnail. They were fansubs and used a thumbnail provided by the subber 'cause I thought theirs was funnier.

Mamorukun Curse! (Unused)

Mario Paint (Unused)

Mega Man 2 (Unused)

Mochi Cat Collection (Mobile)

Namachuukei '68 (SHARP X68000)

Neo Geo Pocket Color BIOS (Unused)

Nihon Pro Mahjong Kishikai Kanshuu Pro ni Naru Mahjong DS ... (Really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it.)

New Super Mario Bros (DS, Unused)

wish i was a drifloon - 100 sunny video game

Operation: Neptune

Othello World (SNES, Unused)


Plok! (SNES)

Pokemon Crystal (GBC)

Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee! (NS)

Pokemo Silver (GBC, Unused)

POWER (SC-55) (Full Album) (Unused)

Project DIVA the miku game something something

PS2 Multiloader


Fun fact, this was the first ever dekyawave thumbnail. I made it one day in class while I was bored outta my mind doing absolutely nothing. As you can see on the filename, one of the original names conceived for the channel was "Noiseless". Name ended up being scrapped and was ultimately replaced with what it is today.

PlayStation BiOS (Unused)

Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven: Lockstep


Special Thanks to the Lockedstep team

Ribby: The Game


Satellaview BS-X: The Town whose Name Was Stolen

Sex 2 (PC-98) uh oh

Sex 2 (PC-98) (Alternative, used as thumbnail in "Say Good-bye! CD Remaster")

Nintendo Power Menu Program: SF Memory (SFC)

Sonic Lost World

Super Mario 64 (Sega Dreamcast)

Discord: snek

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition (2017)

Sony Ericcson: Regular

Sony Ericcson: Blue

Sony Ericcson: Lavender

Super Head Esploder-X

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario World

Sutte Hakkun (SNES)

tennant (Unused)

Tetris (Commodore 64)

Tetris Attack (SNES)

Tetris (Phillips CD-I) (Unused)

The Mod Archive

Time Trax (MegaDrive)

Toy Story (MegaDrive)

UNDERTALE: Halloween Hack (Unused)

Vib-Ribbon (PSX) (Unused)

Touhou 16: Violet Detector

Jogeir Liljedahl's "The Wanderer" (Album)

Whenever You Need Somebody - Rick Astley

Wii (for general bios stuff)

Wii Play

Wii Speak Channel (Unused)

Wii Shop Channel

Microsoft Windows 98

Winter Olympic Games: Lillehammer '94

Winter Gold FX (SNES)